Top 20 Benefits of Learning A Digital Skill

Top 20 Benefits of Learning A Digital Skill

In a fast-thriving world like ours, the importance of learning and mastering a digital skill cannot be overemphasized.

Statistics reveal that over one million new users ply over the internet every day. 

To this, the need for experts who can successfully navigate through the internet is growing way faster than the workforce can supply.

Sad to say, about 60% of workers lack the basic digital skills. Thus making it quite impossible to meet the demand for skilled digital experts.


Digital skills are referred to as the ability to find, evaluate, use, share and create content using digital devices like the computer or  a smartphone. It is the ability to use technology or the internet to perform a specific task or project.


Learning and mastering a digital skill as a student fosters creativity within. It enables you to think critically, creatively solve problems and present your ideas in persuasive ways.

Not only that.

It also affords you the leverage to earn from various online platforms without being a degree holder.

Amazing right?


Oh no! 

I heard your thoughts already.

You mustn’t be a computer whizz to explore opportunities in tech. 

Matter of fact, there are tons of digital skills you could acquire just with your smartphone.

They include:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics Design
  • Videography
  • Digital Marketing
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  1. Web development
  2. Data analysis
  3. Product Design
  4. UI/UX Design and lots more

That being said, let’s look at the advantages of learning these digital skills. 


Digital skills are now part of a company’s requirement for job positioning.

The Covid pandemic made us realize the importance of digital skills in the future of businesses.

Below are the benefits of having a digital skill.

It makes you relevant

Digital skills set you apart in our society. With the enormous digital gap, having an individual with digital skills would help businesses and organizations thrive in the digital world. 

It provides innovative ways to work

 Due to technological advancements, we now have  many new ways to work. Organizations who embrace these changes are more likely to achieve the vast benefits of a contented workforce, powerful to collaborate, communicate and use innovative tools which enable them to perform their everyday jobs effectively.

a picture showing top 20 benefits of learning a digital skill.
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Digital skills improve security

In social-media, with every action online, we leave our digital footprint behind. This information which could be readily accessed with a single search can be used to track us. Digital skills gives us the ability to manage our digital footprint by using the internet and digital devices with caution and responsibly in order to avoid falling prey to online scam and security risks.

Digital skills serve as crisis proof 

Digital skills enable us to implement technology to advance our cause and accurately provide solutions when old business models are no longer useful in a digital world.

It increases sales

The world is changing rapidly, so are systems.Gradually the buying and selling sector has changed from sourcing for physical vendors and buyers to sourcing for online vendors and buyers. Digital skills enable business owners and entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience.

It reduces chances of unemployment

An individual with a digital skill is of a better advantage than those without. This is because future jobs are technology-oriented and would require a tech professional.

It makes working easier

Digital skills also make jobs easier. With digital skills, you can work from the comfort of your home.

Digital skills aid financial fitness. 

An individual with a digital skill can apply for jobs both on online and physical platforms and get paid without being indebted.

It paves room for opportunities 

Working on online platforms affords you the opportunity to spread your tentacles. Accepting various job descriptions at a time.

It increases revenue 

As an organization or business, training your team with digital skills can help increase revenue. This can be achieved by sourcing for sponsors/investors on the right digital platforms.

It gives you a more competitive edge 

With digital skills, a stronger customer relationship can be built. This gives you an edge over your competitors.

It encourages networking.

One with digital skills tends to have a stronger and wider social-circle. 

Digital skills help graduates stand out from their competition in the job market  

Graduates who are proficient in the use of digital tools easily differentiates themselves during the job application process. They can scale through interviews by showcasing digital communication skills companies expect. Most importantly, they can boldly prove that they’ve developed the right mindset employers crave.


Digital skills enable you to source, use and create online information in a productive and efficient way.

It fosters creativity 

Learning a digital skill enables one to be more creative; readily solving problems and expressing compelling ideas.

It provides access into the foreign market

Through digital skills, barriers are breached. It thereby enables us to communicate and deliver products without any restrictions.

It spurs into learning more

Having mastered a digital skill, the knowledge gotten craves for more knowledge. This in turn, spurs us into learning more other skills.

  1. It aids comprehension Comprehension here, refers to the ability of digital media readers to be able to understand its content. Digital skills allow an individual easy comprehension of any kind of digital content.

It makes us lifelong learners  

Mastery of digital skills enables us to be life-long learners. Our ability to search and evaluate information gives us a better chance to become life-long learners using digital tools. Accessing information 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year will serve us through our lives as we take up different pursuits.

It supports effective communication 

Through knowledge of different platforms, users, data analytics and digital marketing principles you can efficiently communicate ideas to your audience.


Technology has come to stay. To be up in line with its trends, one has to get a technological niche.

At The Female Media Network (Tefem), we empower beginners and knowledge seekers with the needful skill-set.

We do this through clearly thought out information, tutorials and courses well designed to upskill young ladies in tech.

Why not grab the essential skill-set by being a part of our next DigiAfrica Cohort.

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