Author: Chioma

I am a prolific SEO content writer and creative copywriter whose purpose is to generate and deliver content on creative ideas. That help boost sales, drive traffic to a website, and accelerate the commercial impact of communication of a company. Applying SEO content writing format, carrying out detailed research using my search engine skills. I properly proofreading of work to produce professional error-free copy, and embedding links. I effectively apply my verbal skills to communicate with clients, adhering to guidelines, and beating deadlines. Also I know how to work in a team and assist in delivering better productive results. I know how to always identify my target audience. Thereby creating compelling SEO content that speaks to the minds, addresses their pain points. And compels them to take immediate action. I create a content strategy and manage projects to enhance brands productively. Applying my search engine skills , I carry out research to create engaging, converting and unplagiarized content pieces for; Blog posts Email copies Sales copies White papers Landing pages About pages Advertisement copies and other SEO content writing. You can reach me through this medium: