5 Creative Copywriter Guide

5 Creative Copywriter Guide

A creative copywriter level of creativity that is applied in writing a piece of content. However, will determine the level of impact the content will attract from the audience.

It could get boring reading content that is wordy and low on creative ideas. When the content piece appears the same as the last ones you’ve read.

There are tons of content published online every day. The content shared online is only going to increase with time. So how do you stand out as a copywriter?  

A Copywriter is well known by the creative diversities present in his content.

5 Creative Copywriter Guide

The top creative copywriters did not make it to the top by delivering bland content pieces. Instead the presence of creativity was in every content.

Now, you want to make sure you stand out as a copywriter in your content. You want people to see the creativity in you through your content. 

Creative Copywriters at DIgi Africa conference
Creative Copywriters at DIgi Africa conference

You want to be able to write creative pieces like Claude C. Hopkins or even more. Furthermore, You desire your content piece to carry your voice . Also, to speak to the mind of other creatives. This article is the right guide to becoming a creative copywriter.

Who Is A Creative Copywriter?

Creativity is when new and existing ideas are turned into valuable content that passes a piece of information. Furthermore, it sells a product or service that will benefit people. While; a copywriter is a person who writes engaging content with the purpose of marketing.

A Creative Copywriter spins ideas to write content pieces that are original and valuable. Whether it is a blog post or any form of writing. Also, a creative copywriter puts his imagination to work. Thereby, recreating ideas into original, and useful content pieces.

In copywriting creativity matters all the time and every time.

You don’t want to be the copywriter that bores your audience or sends them off to sleep while reading your content piece. You want to be that copywriter that inspires your audience with the creativity found in your content. For instance, your content should capture their attention starting from the heading. It addresses their needs and offers a solution. Also, it is engaging to the end.

5 Creative Copywriter Guide

  • Imagination
  • purpose
  • Value
  • Mind map
  • Originality

Creative Copywriter – Imagination

Assuming you don’t know what an orange fruit is;  you go ahead to check for an orange fruit description online. For example, you see two different orange fruit descriptions as shown below;

  1. A citrus fruit species from the family of Rutaceae, widely cultivated tree fruit in the world.
  2. A round-like fleshy fruit, soft, filled with juice, and succulent when ripe. It is rich in vitamins and seedy, commonly orange in colour when mature. It’s medically ok to eat the orange peels too.

From the two descriptions, you can agree that the second description is great. With characteristics features to give a starter a good picture of what an orange looks like.

As a creative copywriter, you should be able to create a picture in your audience’s mind. A picture of what you want them to know. Also, how you use your imagination to create content. Content that has benefits and features is very important.

The rule of copywriting is to start writing and to continue writing. Likewise, as you continue to practice in writing you will gain perfection in copywriting. As a result, you can be able to spin a lot of ideas in seconds to create original content. This way, your content will stand out amongst tons of content published online each day. And will scale you up as a copywriter.

In summary, your Imagination is full of brilliant ideas; go ahead and use your imagination. Open up your mind and write creatively. There is no limit to how creative you can be as a copywriter.

Creative Copywriter – Purpose

As a copywriter that wants to stand out amongst other copywriters, you must be purposeful. Your purpose is the reason why you choose copywriting. Why did you choose copywriting?

Every content you write should have a purpose, remember who a copywriter is. A writer that writes with a purpose. Because, if you don’t have purpose as a copywriter, be sure your content will come off bland

You have to know why you are a copywriter firstly, before you expect others to. A lost man is a man without a purpose. 

Why do you write?

Do you feel a deep sense of joy in communicating your ideas through writing?

Are you passionate about marketing but you rather do it through writing?

Is it for the fun of writing or do you just enjoy being called a copywriter?

Whatever you choose to do in life, you need to have a purpose for doing it. Likewise copywriting is not exempted from the list. If you are not purposeful as a copywriter then you need to review your writing career. When you have a purpose as a creative copywriter you are excited about copywriting.

You will constantly seek to impact your audience in your content. Therefore, your content will address the needs of your target audience. It carries your voice or the brand voice you represent . Whenever, you write to sell a product, you intention is to sell a solution that solves your audience’s problem. Your stream of ideas will be overflowing when you are intentional and purposeful about copywriting.

Creative Copywriter – Value

Value is the importance something offers. In order to build your creativity in copywriting you need to build value, and your content need to have value. Also, your content should be relevant to your audience and not comparable to any other. Each line should engage and educate your audience. It should be worth every second it took to read it. 

Whatever piece of content you write should not leave your audience the same way it met them. In other words, your content should seek to impact value to them. It should inform and answer your audience’s troubling questions. Furthermore, offer useful solutions to their problems. However, to be a creative copywriter, the content you deliver should be valued. Also should be visibly creative not to look like a copy and paste content.

What do you say about writing your ideas down whenever they pop up in your head. Instead of waiting until you want to write on a topic then you begin to stress your brain. You might not remember those ideas that once popped up at the exact moment when you are ready to write. More also, you might end up struggling with creativity at that point. Jot those ideas anytime they pop up in your head.

Creative Copywriter – Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is the act of drawing out a lot of ideas from your main idea. It allows you to explore an idea and bring out every connecting ideas from your main idea. Furthermore, it helps you to think about a topic and bring out every possible idea from it.

Mind mapping is done by writing down your main idea in a circle in a notebook. Then go ahead and draw out connecting topics and ideas from the main idea. Circle the connecting ideas and as you draw out one idea another pops up. Continue till you won’t even notice when you have a full page of creative connecting ideas. Go ahead; and craft out content pieces from those ideas you have written down.

A helpful tool for exploring new ideas and looking for connecting ideas is mind mapping. Likewise, it is applicable in exploring an existing idea or a completely new idea. Either way, mind mapping helps you to discover brilliant ideas. Furthermore, with mind mapping, it is practically impossible to run short of ideas. And it’s a refreshing way to look for information, try mind-mapping today.

Creative Copywriter – Originality

Originality is a key tool to becoming a creative copywriter. One rule of copywriting is never to copy and paste but to be creative. You need to learn how to write without copying from the internet. Your content has to be proof of your creativity and your search engine skills to research. 

A Creative Copywriter does not have a look-alike in the copywriting field. In other words, your content is original and the way you pass information to your audience is unique. When you subject yourself to copy and paste your creativity level begins to decline. With time, you lose your voice which will hinder your ability to give a brand voice or maintain a brand voice. As a creative copywriter, your content has to be original and different. In short, originality will single you from the crowd and take you to the top as a creative copywriter.

A Creative Copywriter Is A High-Value Copywriter.

Firstly, what makes a copywriter different?

Secondly, how can a copywriter and his content stand out among the competition? 

Also, what determines the converting factor of a copywriter’s content? 

High-value creative copywriter

Lastly, what aids the content of a copywriter drive traffic to a website?

It is Creativity. The difference between you and another copywriter is how you put your creativity into your content. Every content you write should be creative written to solve problems or drive sales.  

You need to understand that for a creative copywriter, It is not about writing but how you write. It is not about passing a piece of information but how you pass it. It is how you write your content to get action from your target audience. Furthermore, it is how you use the power of words to tell a story and communicate your ideas to your audience. It is how you engage your audience in your content. Also, it is how you bring out a brand voice in your content. Conclusively, it is about you, it is about your creativity.

 A Reader Is A Leader.   

Reading helps to boost the creative level of a copywriter. It is good that to become a creative copywriter you should read books. To gain more ideas on various topics. You read to gain a lot of information and ideas on topics. Reading boosts your IQ.

Here are some books on creativity by authors of the time. 




The fact that you have a functional brain means your creative self is limitless. So therefore, don’t box up your ideas, there’s no limit to how creative you can write. Pick up your pen! 

Frequently Asked Question.

Can a creative copywriter run out of ideas?

A creative copywriter can run out of ideas if he is not consistent with learning. Also if he’s not practicing his copywriting skill regularly. Hence, it is wise that a creative copywriter who intends not to run out of ideas should master the habit of reading. By reading you are exposing yourself to more ideas and by writing you are opening up your creative room to more ideas.


To become a Creative Copywriter is not a task that you cannot accomplish. Because you are full of ideas and you have insight. All that is required from you is allow your imagination to work ideas out. Establish the ideas you have in your brain and create content that is original. Generate attention-grabbing content. Also create content that engage your audience and communicate your ideas.

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